Approved: November 19, 1976

Revised: January 23, 2015



The following statements
of purposes, function, and structure should be interpreted consistent with
the provisions of the Public School Superintendents Association of Maryland
(PSSAM) relating to the operation of the Maryland Negotiation Service (MNS).


A.  The MNS shall serve as an
Advisory Council reporting to the Superintendent of Schools on collective bargaining
involving the Local
Educational Age
but not excluding the involvement of other agencies.

B. The Council shall
provide a standard channel for contact and communication and mutual assistance among the LEA's on
all relevant collective bargaining issues.

C. The Council shall provide an open
forum for the discussion of concerns, issues, crisis, and problems which are of
mutual interest.

D. The Council shall review and
evaluate projects carried out upon its recommendations.

E. The Council shall provide a
medium for dissemination to LEA's of information about collective bargaining,
legislative activities, as well as information from the Public School
Superintendents Association of Maryland (PSSAM).

F. The representatives and the coordinated planning for
of the Council, as well as recommendations which
would be obtained, could should give support and strengthen programs and projects pursued
which might otherwise falter.


A. The Council

1.  All Counties and Baltimore City of Maryland are eligible to be regular member agencies of this Council.

2.  Each LEA member shall have one vote. A representative and an alternate will be appointed by each local Superintendents of Schools.

3.  Decisions on recommendations to the Superintendents

shall be by majority vote of those participating in the deliberations of the Council.

B. The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer,
five (5) representatives from  the Council (one from each of the five * (5) regionslisted below) and a liaison member appointed by the Public School Superintendents Association of Maryland (PSSAM).

*Region 1 -
Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, Worcester

Region 2 - Caroline,
Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne's, Talbot

Region 3 - Baltimore
City, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, Howard

Region 4 - Anne Arundel,
Calvert, Charles, Prince Georges, St. Mary’s

Region 5 - Allegany,
Frederick, Garrett, Montgomery, Washington

The five (5) representatives are to be nominated by the regions. The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer shall be nominated by a nominating committee appointed by the Chairperson. This committee shall report a slate of candidates for the Executive Committee by February 15 each year. All members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by the majority vote by the Council during the month of March, with the exception of the Past Chairperson. The Past Chairperson position requires no appointment and is selected based on having fulfilled their term as Chairperson from the previous year.  The five (5) regional representatives shall serve for two (2) years. The five (5) representatives shall not automatically succeed themselves.

The Executive Committee shall act on the Council's behalf between Council sessions to coordinate
projects, communicate with members, arrange agendas, call meetings, make presentations regarding recommendations,deliberate on policies, procedures, potential projects, and evaluations.

Vacancies on the Executive Committee may be filled for the unexpired terms by a majority vote of
remaining members of the Executive Committee, with the exception of the Past Chairperson member.

C. Officers


The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the Council and of the Executive Committee at which the Chairperson is in attendance. The Chairperson shall ensure that  Council meetings are scheduled
with notification to members at least one (1) week in advance of such meetings.

The Chairperson shall have power to appoint deliberative and reporting subcommittees of attendees at
Council meetings.

The term of Chairperson shall be one (1) year. The Chairperson maynot serve more than two (2) consecutive one (1) year terms.

Upon completion of theterm as Chairperson, this person shall hold the office of Past Chairperson for one (1) year.


The Vice Chairperson shall serve as Chairperson if he/she is absent for meetings. The term of the Vice Chairperson shall be one (1) year.


The Secretary shall provide support to the Council and to the Executive Committee.


The Treasurer shall receive all moneys and disburse all payments in accordance with actions of the
Executive Committee.


The past chairperson shall advise and assist the Chairperson, and shall have such other duties as the Chairperson assigns.


A. Regular meetings shall be scheduled, published, and convene at a location established by the Executive Committee.

B. Items for consideration for the agenda should be submitted to the Chairperson at least two (2) weeks before the meeting so that items requiring action by theExecutive Committee can be handled in a timely manner.


These governing procedures may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the LEA membership in the Council at a regular meeting after a thirty (30) day written notification of the recommended change to its membership.